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Renaissance's Company Culture is built on a strong belief in our Corporate Vision, Mission Statement and Culture Values:

Be the world's preferred supplier in all frequency products.

Mission Statement:
  • Deliver the highest quality frequency products available;
  • Exceed our Customer's expectations in ways even they didn't believe were possible; and
  • Have our Customers remember us as much for our friendly staff and commitment to long-term relationships as they do for our products.

  • Culture Values:


    I am committed to the Vision, Mission, and Success of Renaissance.
    I am doing everything possible to provide good service and support to my customers.
    I am committed to being better than our competitors, and working together with my fellow employees.


    I am responsible for my actions and outcomes.
    I am responsible for my work and its outcome.

    Team work:

    I am creating and working in a team environment, sharing the load, being flexible to make changes on things that require improvement.


    I will always deliver products of exceptional quality that add value to everyone involved and for ways of continuous improvement.


    I will always speak positively of my fellow employees, customers and Renaissance both in public and private. I will only discuss concerns in private with the person involved. I will never use or listen to profanity, sarcasm or gossip.
    I will apologize first for causing any fellow employee to become upset and then resolve the problem.


    I will be consistent in my actions, expectations, and relationships so that everyone is comfortable dealing with me.


    I am willing to learn and master my job.
    I am willing to help in educating myself and others for a better future.


    I will take pride and satisfaction in delivering outstanding products and service.
    I will help with growth and advancement of the company and individuals.


    I am keeping a balanced approach to life. I am giving priority to family above work.


    I will view life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated.
    I will create a positive atmosphere of fun and happiness.


    I will speak the truth.
    I will always make agreements that are achievable and based on truth.
    I will always clear up broken agreements immediately.
    I will always see that product and service is never compromised.


    I will always look for improving my physical and mental health.
    I will seek proper medical treatments as needed.


    I will contribute, to the community I live in, and the community of my employment, at the Federal, State, and City level as feasible. I will contribute, one day per year or the equivalent, to the growth and well-being of my communities.

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