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Renaissance Electronics (REC) and HXI, LLC (a subsidiary of REC) are turnkey solution providers of quality RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave products. We provide optimized cost and performance solutions for many components and sub-systems requirements. Our products employ SMT and/or chip and wire assembly techniques to achieve high quality, best-in-class performance. From MEMS based switches for ATE applications to Millimeter Wave front ends for advanced airborne radar and communications applications, the Renaissance/HXI design teams can provide solutions for all levels of integration.

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Millimeter Wave Components HXI offers a broad range of standard catalog components for use in prototyping new systems and for production requirements. These components consist of single function modules that can easily be configured into subsystems using waveguide or coax connections. The modules use mature technology such as GaAs MMICs and beam lead semiconductor devices, resulting in well established performance characteristics. The use of many common stocked parts results in low cost and fast delivery. Custom components include variations of many of our catalog products, such as LNAs, power amplifiers, frequency multipliers, mixers, switches and isolators/circulators.

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Our other product lines feature:
Renaissance; Ferrites (Isolators, Circulators), Electro-Mechanical Switches, Switch Matrices, Fixed Attenuators, Power Combiners, Power Dividers, Products for Base Station Applications and Wireless Transceivers.

HXI; High Power Amplifiers, Isolators/Circulators, Balanced Mixers. We manufacture products for the Military, Avionics, Industrial and Consumer Sectors. Many of our components are in use by US & coalition forces around the world.


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