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    Data Sheets
    New Millimeter Wave Products
    17.7 18.7 GHz, Drop-in Isolator, Ku-band, 2L9NHE-ROHS
    25.5 27.0 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, K-band, 2A9NHY
    17.0 22.0 GHz, Coaxial Isolators, K-band, R2A9NJN and R2A9NJQ
    17.3 18.6 GHz, Microstrip Isolator, Ku-band, 2W9NCQ-S
    18.3 20.2 GHz, Microstrip Isolator, Ku-band, 2W9NCR-S
    3.7 8 GHz, Drop-in Isolator, C-band, 2H7BZL
    9.61 19.82 GHz Octave Band Coaxial Isolator, C1-X15339-5B
    .500-1.000 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, 2A2BC-ROHS
    1020 1100 MHz, Coaxial Circulator, L-band, 3A3NBM
    1020 1100 MHz, Drop-in Circulator, L-band, E2NAAL
    1030 1090 MHz, Drop-in Circulator, L-band, 3G3NCG
    15.75 17.25 GHz, Drop-in Isolator, Ku Band, 2L9NGU
    2.0 4.0 GHz, 8 Channel Power Divider, S-band, 10A5BAJ-8S
    2.4 2.5 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, S-band, 3G4NFF
    2.4 2.5 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, S-band, 3G4NFH
    2.7 3.1 GHz, Coaxial Circulator, S-band, 3A5NAH
    2.7 3.1 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, S-band, 2A5NDR
    24.0 24.25 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, K-band, 3G9NAP/3G9NAPL
    4.0 6.0 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, C-band, 3G7BN
    480 750 MHz, Coaxial Isolator, UHF Band, C1-U24318
    6.75 14.0 GHz, Drop-in Isolator, X-band, 2H8BAK
    763-805, 806-870, 896-941 MHz, Coaxial Circulators, 3A2NHM-1,-2,-3
    8.0 12.4 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, X-band, C1-X16313
    9.0 18.25 GHz, Drop-in Isolator, Ku-band, 2H8BAM
    900 980 MHz, Drop-in Circulator, UHF Band, R3G2NEW-ROHS

    New Application notes for Microstrip Devices
    REC-HXI Product Lines
    Radar Circulators & Isolators - Tabular Format
    Downloadable Product Catalog
    MM-Wave Products Enable the Next Frontier
    Safer Radar to Protect Next Gen Warships
    Use Dual-Band Wireless in the Millimeter Wave Band for Superior Backhaul Performance
    Transitions: Moving from Fiber to Faster, High Capacity Wireless
    Next Generation Phased Radar Systems Lead to Hardware Improvements
    Power Dividers/Combiners Help Minimize Losses
    RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Integrated Assemblies Brochure
    Millimeter Wave Sub-Assemblies Enable Next Generation R&D Projects
    Why Wireless Millimeter Wave Radios Will Fuel the Coming Microcell Boom
    High Frequency Trading Turns to High Frequency Technology to Reduce Latency
    High Bandwidth Wireless for HD and 3D/HD Digital Video Cameras
    Next Generation Wireless
    RF Simulators Emerge to Test Next Generation Phased Array Radar Systems
    Move Over X-ray: Millimeter is Wave of the Future for Homeland Security

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