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December, 2012
Circulator 3G2BDL

November, 2012
1300 MHz Power Circulator

November, 2012
Gigalink LightSpeed Radio Links

November, 2012
Microstrip Isolator 2W9NBP

October, 2012
Wave Guide Isolator

July, 2012
AS9100:2009 Recertification

June, 2012
2011 Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award for REC

June, 2012
Catalog of Power Divider and Combiners

June, 2012
Modular Switch Matrix Design

June, 2012
ProAV Article High Bandwidth Wireless for HD and 3D/HD Digital Video Cameras

May, 2012
Rave ProAV High Bandwidth Wireless for HD and 3D/HD Digital Video Cameras

April, 2012
MPD March-Miniature Surface Mount Ferrite Devices for High Reliability Applications

March, 2012
Read our Latest Company Profile

February, 2012
Gigalink LightSpeed

February, 2012
HXI HGM and HGV Series Gunn Oscillators

October, 2011
High Power Pulsed Amplifier at 94 GHz

October, 2011
WR -15 LNA with Integrated Isolators

September, 2011
20th Year Anniversary Celebration

September, 2011
WR-10 High Power Isolators and Circulators

July, 2011
HXI 60GHz Power Amplifier HHPAV-433

May, 2011
Octave Band Drop-In Circulator

April, 2011
Renaissance Celebrates 20 Years

March, 2011
Domestic Sales Representative Openings

March, 2011
Trends in RF/Microwave Switch Matrices

February, 2011
White Paper Download- What is the Best Wireless Transport Option for Uncompressed HDTV Video?

January, 2011
HXI Power Amplifiers

January, 2011
Read our latest product review for HXI Gigalink HD Wireless Link

January, 2011
Switch 48x4

October, 2010
HXI 60 GHz Power Amplifier

October, 2010
In Band Duplexer - NEW

October, 2010
RF Interface DAS

September, 2010
REC/HXI Launch Blog

July, 2010
Approval of E-Band Radio System ICASA

July, 2010
Design of New Filter Combiners

July, 2010
New Advertising Launch for HXI Radio, MMW Products

March, 2010
New Advertising Launch for HXI HDTV Product
January, 2010
New Advertising Promotion Launched
January, 2010
Product # 2A7NEXL-ROHS Coaxial Isolator

December, 2009
Product #3G2NDM 700MHz Circulator
November, 2009
Renaissance is pleased to announce that their latest Integrated Assemblies catalog, as of November, 2009, is here for download.

October, 2009
AS9100 Certification

July, 2009
Coaxial Circulator, 3A2BFC

July, 2009
Product #10A2NG-8N Integrated Assemblies

July, 2009
Product #15C2NB RF Interface DAS Panel

July, 2009
Product #15C2NM RF Interface DAS Panel

July, 2009
Product #18A7NAC Integrated Switch Development

June, 2009
Redundant Switch Matrices

March, 2009
LTE/ WiMax Repeater Product #8MTC5AL

January, 2009
Renaissance is pleased to announce that their latest catalog, as of January, 2009, is here for download.

September, 2008
New Representative in France, Germany, Spain- BFI

September, 2008
New Representative in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland - Compomill Nordic Components

September, 2008
Renaissance Acquires HXI

August, 2008
New Staff - Charles Nashef, International Sales Development and Marketing Campaign

August, 2008
New Staff - Frank Balsamo, Manager of Ferrite Products

August, 2008
New Staff - Ms. Lynn Kibblehouse as the newest edition to our sales team

June, 2007
Cost & Performance Benefits of Cascading Single Junction Circulators for Duplex Applications

November, 2006
WiMAX IEEE 802.16e Disruptive Technology

December, 2005
The Harvard Hillside

December, 2005
The Public Spirit

November, 2005
Wireless Technologies - Viewpoints from Two Markets and Two Continents

June, 2005
A Broadband Circulator Covering 225 to 400MHz

January, 2005
Standard Switch Power Handling Capability

April, 2004
Application of Non-Biased Ferrites for the Suppression of EMI from RF to MM Waves

May, 2003
Analysis of Intermodulation Distortion in Ferrite Circulators

April, 2003
High Performance Transmitter Combiners and Receiver Multicouplers to Enhance Base Station’s Channel Capacity and Coverage

February, 2003
High Power Surface-Mount Circulators and Isolators

May, 2001
MM-Wave Characteristics and Applications of Hexaferrite Ceramics and Non-Collinear Antiferromagnets
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Data Sheets
New Millimeter Wave Products
9.5 – 11.5 GHz, Surface Mount Isolator, X-band, 2SMH8NW-ROHS
18.3 – 20.2 GHz, Microstrip Isolator, K-band, 2W9NCX
3.1 – 3.5 GHz, 3-port Circulator, S-band, 3WR284NA-1
7.1 – 7.9 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, C-band, 2A7NGA-ROHS
7.7 – 8.6 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, C-band, 2A7NFZ-ROHS
7.9 – 8.5 GHz, Drop-in Isolator, C-band, 2H7NEH-ROHS
9.0 – 10.0 GHz, Coaxial Circulator, X-band, 3A8NAH-ROHS
K and Ka Band Isolators for Space Applications
27 – 30 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, Ka-band, 2A9NGN-ROHS
6.9 – 7.1 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, C-band, 3A7NX
9.3 - 9.5 GHz, Surface Mount Isolator, 2SMH8ND
2A9NK Series, Coaxial Isolators
40 X 26 GaN Based Switch Matrix
7.0 – 8.0 GHz, Drop-in Isolator, C-band, 2K7NAE-ROHS

New Downloadable Product Catalog
Application notes for Microstrip Devices
REC-HXI Product Lines
Radar Circulators & Isolators - Tabular Format
MM-Wave Products Enable the Next Frontier
Safer Radar to Protect Next Gen Warships
Use Dual-Band Wireless in the Millimeter Wave Band for Superior Backhaul Performance
Transitions: Moving from Fiber to Faster, High Capacity Wireless
Next Generation Phased Radar Systems Lead to Hardware Improvements
Power Dividers/Combiners Help Minimize Losses
RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Integrated Assemblies Brochure
Millimeter Wave Sub-Assemblies Enable Next Generation R&D Projects
Why Wireless Millimeter Wave Radios Will Fuel the Coming Microcell Boom
High Frequency Trading Turns to High Frequency Technology to Reduce Latency
High Bandwidth Wireless for HD and 3D/HD Digital Video Cameras
Next Generation Wireless
RF Simulators Emerge to Test Next Generation Phased Array Radar Systems
Move Over X-ray: Millimeter is Wave of the Future for Homeland Security

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