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Renaissance Electronics Corporation manufactures the highest quality Base Station Products. We custom-build Repeaters, Filter Combiners, Duplexers, Triplexers, Multicouplers, LNAs and Multiband Combiners to meet your needs.

NEW! 15C2NB Universal Radio Frequency distributed antenna system panel now operates from 800 MHz to 3 GHz (augmenting the previous upper limit of 1 GHz). Distributed Antenna System datasheet

NEW! The 3A2BFC (700 to 960 MHz) covers the low frequencies Distributed Antenna Systems- Low Frequencies datasheet

Distributor Antenna Systems : Universal Radio Frequency distributed antenna system operating from 2.496 to 2.690 GHz.15C2NM Datasheet

MultiBand Combiner: These low loss custom engineered combiners meet joint operator GSM and UMTS indoor cellular system requirements for 2G/3G operators.  Available with multiple input and output combinations.
Data Sheet

Receiver Multi-Coupler: These units split and boost the receive signal.  They range from a standard triple 6:1 configuration, to custom sextuple 2:1 configurations, all with variable gain up to 10 dB and very low noise levels.
Data Sheet

Transmitter Combiner: Configurations are custom engineered to meet high power combiner applications.  Multiple input/output combiners are available at up to 100 watts per channel.  These best of breed products uniquely balance IP3 and isolation requirements on the application.
Data Sheet

Programmable Attenuation Panel: These step attenuation panels have wide dynamic range and frequency range options.  They are typically built to end customer requirements.
Data Sheet

Interested in our Base Station Components, Filter Combiners, Triplexers, Mulitcouplers, LNA's, Multiband Combiners, Duplexers or Repeaters? For more information please contact Bruce Simpson at 978-772-7774 x49 or email at

LTE/WiMAX Repeaters

Renaissance is pleased to announce that their latest catalog, as of January, 2009, is here for download. It is a comprehensive brochure showcasing the newly expanded line of high quality integrated RF and Microwave assemblies and sub-systems.

Renaissance Acquires HXI

RF Interface DAS Panel
15C2NX Datasheet
15C2NB Datasheet

Coaxial Circulator

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