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          WiMAX Isolator

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RF & Microwave Ferrites
Low Loss Circulators, Isolators, WiMAX Products

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Renaissance RF & Microwave Circulators and Isolators feature Low Loss, Low IMD performance. Our high quality products are suitably used in a broad range of applications from WiMAX, Digital TV, PCS, MMDS and LMDS among others.


Surface Mount Circulator, 3SMH8NM
Surface Mount Isolator, 2SLE2NCS
Surface Mount Isolator and Circulator, 2SMH8ND & 3SMH8NF
Surface Mount Circulator, 3SMH8NDL
Surface Mount Isolator, 2SLE3NA
Surface Mount Circulator, 3SMH5NA
8mm Surface Mount Isolator, 2SLE4NX
8mm Surface Mount Isolator, 2SLE4NW
X band Surface Mount Circulator, 3SMH8ND
300 MHz High Power Circulator, 3A2NGB
1.455-1.515 GHz Medium Power SM L-Band Circulator 2SMC3NBL
9.19 10.01 GHz X Band Surface Mount Medium Power Circulator 3SMH8NC
6.7-7.1 GHz Medium Power Coaxial Isolator 2A7NEXL-ROHS
4.2 4.4 GHz Surface Mount Circulator SMH Series 3SMH6NA
4.2-4.4 GHz SM Circulator 3SMH6NA
380-2200 MHz Low Power SM Isolator 2SLE2,3,4,
5.15-5.35 GHz SM Isolator 2W6NB
824-2200 MHz High Power SM Circulator/Isolators SMC series

Surface Mount Circulator,3SMH8NM
Surface Mount Isolator,2SLE2NCS
Surface Mount Isolator and Circulator,2SMH8ND & 3SMH8N
Surface Mount Circulator,3SMH8NDL
Surface Mount Isolator,2SLE3NA
Surface Mount Circulator,3SMH5NA
8mm Surface Mount Isolator,2SLE4NX
8mm Surface Mount Isolator,2SLE4NW
X band Surface Mount Circulator
300 MHz High Power Circulator


Drop-In Isolator, 2H3BE
Drop-In Circulator, 3G4NEVL
Drop-In Circulator, 3G4NEW
7.5 18.0 GHz Drop-In Isolator, 2H8BAC
Drop-In High Power ISM Band Circulator, 3G2NED
Drop-In Circulator, R3G3NBVL
Drop-In Circulator, 3G9NAG
Drop-In Circulator, R3G9NAF
Drop-In Circulator, R3G8NAR
Drop-in Circulator, 3SMH8NH
5.0 6.0 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G6NJ
Drop-In Isolator, 2K8NK
Drop-In Isolator, R2K7NDU
2.2 2.4 GHz Drop-In Isolator, 2H4NNC
960 1215 MHz Drop-in Isolator, 2H2NHF
Ka band Drop-in Isolator, 2L9NFU-ROHS
Drop-In Isolator for Space Applications, 2H2NHI-S
Drop-In Isolator for Space Applications, 2H3NCJ-S
Drop-In Isolator for Space Applications, 2H6NBS-S
Drop-In Isolator for Space Applications, 2H6NBR-S
Drop-In Isolator for Space Applications, 2H7NDR-S
2.05 2.3 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G6BH
2.05 2.3 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G4NEQ
1690 2050 MHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G4NER
2.30 3.80 GHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G5BG
690 1100 MHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G2BG
1100 - 1690 MHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G3BA
500 690 MHz, Drop-in Circulator, 3G2BF
Ku band Drop-in Isolator, 2K9NAML
Drop-In Circulator, R3G6NV
VHF band Drop-in Isolator, 2SD2NAD
High Power S band Drop-in Isolator, R2H4NNB
3 - 6 GHz, Drop-in, High Power Circulator, 3G6B Series
4.5kW Peak Power L-Band Drop-in Circulator, 3G3NAG
X-band Drop-in Isolator, 2H7NDQ
1.02 - 1.04 GHz, Drop-in, High Power Isolator, 2H2NFG
2.5kW Peak Power Circulator, 3G5NAJ
30-31 GHz Ka-Band Drop In Isolator 2L9NDZ
30-33 GHz Drop In Isolator 2L9NEU-RoHS
700-930 MHz Drop In Circulator
700-800 MHz Drop In Circulator- Centered at 750MHz 3G2NDD
Drop In Circulator Chart
2.5-2.7 GHz Drop In Circulator R3G4NWM-RoHS
3,600-39,000 GHz Drop In Flange Mount Isolator 2K6-2L9
8.5-18.0 GHz Drop In Circulator Ultra Small 3G8BM-1
.234- 15,500 GHz Dual Drop In Isolators
5.120- 23.600 GHz Drop In Circulators/Isolators
.086-2.700 GHz Dual Drop in Circulators 3E2-3E4

Mounting Instruction for drop-in devices
7.5 18.0 GHz Drop-In Isolator,2H8BAC
Drop-In High Power ISM Band Circulator,3G2NED
Drop-In Circulator,R3G3NBVL
Drop-In Circulator,3G9NAG
Drop-In Circulator,R3G8NAR
Drop-In Circulator,R3G9NAF
Drop-in Circulator,3SMH8NH
5.0 6.0 GHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G6NJ
Drop-In Isolator,2K8NK
Drop-In Isolator,R2K7NDU
2.2 2.4 GHz Drop-In Isolator,2H4NNC
960 1215 MHz Drop-in Isolator,2H2NHF
Ka band Drop-in Isolator,2L9NFU-ROHS
2.30 3.80 GHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G5BG
1690 2050 MHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G4NER
2.05 2.3 GHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G4NEQ
3.80 6.05 GHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G6BH
690 1100 MHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G2BG
1100 - 1690 MHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G3BA
500 690 MHz, Drop-in Circulator,3G2BF
Ku band Drop-in Isolator
R3G6NV Drop-In Circulator
VHF band Drop-in Isolator
X-band Drop-in Isolator
High Power S band Drop-in Isolator
3 - 6 GHz, Drop-in High Power Circulator
4.5kW Peak Power L-Band Drop-in Circulator
1.02 - 1.04 GHz, Drop-in, High Power Isolator
2.5kW Peak Power Circulator
Quasi Drop-in Circulator for Space Applications
Renaissance Electronics products are online @ http://www.rec-usa.com/Stock.aspx


Micro-strip Isolator for Space Applications, 2W9NCB-S
Micro-strip Isolator for Space Applications, 2W9NCA-S
Microstrip Isolator for Space Applications, 2W9NBV-S
Microstrip Isolator, 2W8NAO
29 - 31.5 GHz Microstrip Isolator on Carrier 2W9 series
2.300-39.500 GHz MicroStrip Circulator 3W4-3W9
2.300- 39.500 GHz MicroStrip Isolator 2W4-2W9

Microstrip Isolator,2W8NAO
Microstrip Isolator for Space Applications


High Power S-band Isolator, Coaxial, Dual Junction, 2D5BDL
High Power Lumped Element Coaxial Circulator, 3A1NDA
Coaxial Circulator, 3A1NCX
Coaxial Circulator, 3A9NT
K and Ka Band Isolators for Space Applications
Coaxial Isolator, 2A5BAD-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator, 2A2NFB-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator, 2A4BK-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator, 2A3BAM-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator, 2A2BC-ROHS
8.5 9.6 GHz, Coaxial Circulator, 3A8NAZ
Coaxial Isolator for Space Applications, 2A7NFD-S
Coaxial Isolator for Space Applications, 2A7NFC-S
Coaxial Isolator for Space Applications, 2A4NEX-S
2.3 2.5 GHz, Coaxial Circulator, 3A4NBN
Coaxial Circulators, 3A2BV and 3A2BW
Coaxial Isolator, 2A2NBG
Ka band Coaxial Isolator, 2A9NHA
Ka band Coaxial Isolator, 2A9NGV-2
Coaxial Isolator, 2A5NDF
Ka band Coaxial Isolator, 2A9NGV-1
High Power X band Coaxial Isolator, 2A8NEG
S-C band Coaxial Isolator, 2A6BA
2A3BAF-RoHS Isolator
X-band Iso-Adapter for High Rel Applications, 2A8BAW
Ultra High Peak Power Isolator, C1-S15337
1300 MHz High Power Circulator 3A3NH
27-31 GHz Ka Band Coaxial Isolator 2A9NFH
700-960 MHz Circulator 3A2BFC
1350-2700 MHz Circulator Coaxial 3A4BN
700-950 MHz Circulator Coaxial 3A2NCP
.150-16.500 GHz Coaxial Isolators 2A-2D
.163 -18.000 GHz Dual Coaxial Circulators 3B1-3B9

High Power S-band Isolator, Coaxial, Dual Junction,2D5BDL
High Power Lumped Element Coaxial Circulator,3A1NDA
Coaxial Circulator,3A1NCX
Coaxial Circulator,3A9NT
Coaxial Isolator,2A5BAD-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator,2A2NFB-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator,2A4BK-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator,2A3BAM-ROHS
Coaxial Isolator,2A2BC-ROHS
8.5 9.6 GHz, Coaxial Circulator,3A8NAZ
2.3 2.5 GHz, Coaxial Circulator,3A4NBN
Coaxial Circulators,3A2BV and 3A2BW
Coaxial Isolator,2A2NBG
Ka band Coaxial Isolator,2A9NHA
Coaxial Isolator,2A5NDF
Ka band Coaxial Isolator,2A9NGV-2
Ka band Coaxial Isolator,2A9NGV-1
High Power X band Coaxial Isolator
S-C band Coaxial Isolator
Isolator 2A3BAF-RoHS
X-band Iso-Adapter for High Rel Applications


Space Brochure
31-33 GHz Isolator 2A9NFG
962-1213 MHz Circulator 3G2BDL
700-915 MHz, Dual Junction Circulator, 3B2NARL
2.2-2.3 GHz High Power Hermetic Isolator 2A4NEX
775 920 MHz Ultra High Power Circulator C1-U35321
88-108 MHz High Power Circulator for Digital Radio Broadcast 3A1NBV
Space Heritage
470-800 GHz 869-1/870 MHz Isolators/Circulators for Digital TV 3A2/2A2-2A4
225 - 400 MHZ Broadband Circulator 3A2BC, 3A2BF
.225-18,000 GHz Broadband Coaxial Circulators 3A2-3A9
18-28 GHz Drop In Isolators/Circulators for LMDS 2L9NDA
1.805- 2.100 GHz UMTS/Wideband CDMA/IMT2000 2H4N
3.4-4.2 GHz Coaxial Isolator Med. Power for WLL 2A4/2A5
2.5-2.7 GHz Drop In Isolator/Circulator for MMDS 2H4


Waveguide Isolator for Space Applications, 2WR34NA
60 GHz WR-15 Circulator, HMC15-385-60.0-2.0
20.2-21.2 GHz Wave Guide R2WR426-1
9.25-9.75 GHz Waveguide Circulator Adapter 20WR90NA
2.7-2.9 GHz Waveguide 3 Port S-Band Circulator 3WR284NA
9.2-9.7 GHz X-Band Circulator Waveguide Dual Junction 3WR90NA
13.750-40.000 GHz Waveguide Isolators/Circulators 2WR/3WR

Waveguide Isolator for Space Applications
43 46 GHz, Waveguide Isolator
60 GHz WR-15 Circulator

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Data Sheets
HXI Datasheets
Directional Coupler, 12A7NA-40S
Duplexer & 3 Way Divider, 16A3BJ
7.5 18.0 GHz Drop-In Isolator, 2H8BAC
Drop-In Circulator, 3G4NEVL
Drop-In Circulator, 3G4NEW
Drop-In Isolator, 2H3BE
Drop-In Circulator, 3G9NAG
Drop-In Circulator, R3G3NBVL
Drop-In High Power ISM Band Circulator, 3G2NED
High Power Lumped Element Coaxial Circulator, 3A1NDA
High Power S-band Isolator, Coaxial, Dual Junction, 2D5BDL
Space Qualified, S-band, High Power 2 Channel Power Divider, 10A4NAJ-2S-S
Surface Mount Circulator, 3SMH8NM

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