Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter
Volume 6, Issue 4 June 2007

1) Supporting Medical Research
2) CTIA Wireless 2007 – Orlando, FL
3) 400 MHz Family of Combiners/Dividers
4) DAC/ADC Switch Matrix
5) Cascading Circulators

1) Supporting Medical Research

Renaissance Electronics has provided several broadband Circulators (225 to 400 MHz) to the Department of Radiation and Oncology at a major US university. By working directly with their engineering department, we have been able to fulfill some unique performance needs at increased power levels. The university, also a research and development center, is working on a spectrometer for 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy. The goal of 3D conformal radiotherapy is to shape the spatial distribution of the prescribed radiation dose so that it matches closely to the shape of the target region (cancerous cells), with minimal radiation incidence on the surrounding healthy tissue.

Renaissance Electronics was pleased to support this medical research effort as it dovetails with our Culture Value Points, one of which is to improve personal health and promote healthy environments.

See our 3A2BC data sheet for more information on the broadband Circulator.

2) CTIA Wireless 2007 – Orlando, FL

At the end of March, Renaissance Electronics exhibited its RF Subsystem product line at the CTIA Wireless Show in Orlando, FL. The show was a resounding success, with Renaissance being one of the few companies actually exhibiting RF hardware. We thank those who visited our booth and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas for CTIA Wireless 2008!

Participation in CTIA, MTT-S and other industry forums demonstrates Renaissance's vision of being the World's preferred supplier of RF products.

For more about RF Base Station products visit our website at

400 MHz Family of Combiners/Dividers
Renaissance Electronics is pleased to announce its 400 MHz family of combiners and dividers. These units range from 2 to 16-way and are available in either high-performance or high-volume models.

Our high-performance models use high-end materials which allow for reduced size and low loss while handling power levels over 1 kW. Our high-volume units maintain very high uniformity and reliability through the use of a highly efficient, cost effective design.

Please contact Shane Delmore for more information.

View data sheet

DAC/ADC Switch Matrix
Renaissance Electronics has received follow-on orders for its DAC/ADC Switch Matrix. This unit is a unique DC to 500 MHz Switching Matrix with 2 outputs and 6 inputs.

The unit supports the high level of integration required during qualification testing for both digital and analog assemblies operating at microwave frequencies. The convergence of digital and microwave frequencies are achieved through the use of state-of-the-art high frequency relays and governed by a GUI software that can be installed and integrated for any ATE application.

Channel to channel isolation on the unit is 70 dB and insertion loss is less than 0.4 dB.

Please contact Mike Snee with any questions or to discuss your application.

View data sheet

Cascading Circulators
Renaissance has composed an application note regarding cascading circulators for duplexing applications. In this White Paper, Dr. Anuj Srivastava explains that in certain cases, it becomes cost effective to cascade multiple single junction circulators rather than to use dual- or triple-junction units when a common antenna is connected to the transmitter and receiver. Design constraints and expected performance specifications are also included in this White Paper.

Be sure to read the full article in the June issue of Microwave Product Digest.

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