Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter
Volume 7, Issue 1 January / February 2008

1) Community Service by Renaissance and its Employees for Ayer Police Toy Drive and Local Charity
2) SLE Series Development
3) Sea Launch Update
4) Sponsorship for 101 Homes in India
5) New Multi-Coupler Application

1) Community Service by Renaissance and its Employees for Ayer Police Toy Drive and Local Charity

Over 58 years, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program has distributed more than 332.5 million toys to 158.7 million underprivileged children. This charitable endeavor has made the U.S. Marines a leading benefactor of disadvantaged children during Christmas. Over its 14 year lifespan, an associate, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation has supplemented local toy collections with more than 55.5 million toys valued at more than $284 million and provided promotion and support material valued at over $3.2 million.

Renaissance continued its support of this mission by contributing to the Ayer Police Department Toys for Tots drive. Mike Snee and Shauna Burnham spearheaded the Renaissance effort.

The employees of Renaissance Electronics Corporation volunteered their time and made financial contributions to benefit local children. Bicycles, transformers, trucks, Magna doodle and brat dolls formed part of the 860 toys that were donated.

Renaissance employees, along with some of our suppliers, raised over $1, 575 for Loaves and Fishes, a local food pantry.

Sincere thanks to our suppliers; Island Ceramics, Ermel Precision Tool, Royal Screw Machine, and Granite State Finishing who joined us in this endeavor.

Renaissance Electronics established a set of thirteen Culture Value Points in 2006 with Community Support being one of them. To view our Mission, Vision, and the thirteen Culture Value Points, click on the link below.

2) New 2.4 GHz SLE

Our development efforts for the SLE product series have yielded three new products. As reported in the December newsletter we completed a 2.4 GHz circulator. Now ready for production, it covers a 70 MHz bandwidth with 2W forward power. We have also completed a reduced profile isolator design that is 8 mm square and 5 mm in height. The first production units support 345 MHz operation with 20 MHz bandwidth. Finally, wideband isolators that support 22% bandwidth are on the threshold of production. Several of the SLE isolators are now available in corresponding circulator versions.

Renaissance will continue to develop this popular product line as additional applications are identified. If you have a need for a small footprint SMT component, the SLE series may be just right.

Contact the Ferrite Product Group sales team to discuss your specific application.

Kathy Mullins:

3) Sea Launch Update

Renaissance provides the hermetically sealed relay switch for Boeing’s famous Sea Launch program. Since we are proud of our association, we have often used these pages to provide updates on the status of this project.

Due to unusually strong ocean currents at the launch site, Sea Launch is rescheduling the launch of the Thuraya-3 satellite. The team is establishing an extended schedule for the Thuraya-3 mission, as the vessels return to home port. All personnel are doing well and all systems and the spacecraft are secure. We will provide updated information when we have it.

Sea Launch's Zenith-3SL rocket resumes operations with this flight, carrying the Boeing-built Thuraya-3 mobile communications satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit. Once operational, this satellite will expand Thuraya's network to include all key markets of the Asia Pacific region.

View our hermetic switch series at this link:

4) Sponsorship for 101 Homes in India

Renaissance Electronics’ President, Mr. Tom Kurian, along with his wife Molly, made a significant contribution to build 101 new homes for qualifying families in India.

This unique program, the `Mar Thoma Church Navathy Home Project’, sponsored by the Mar Thoma Church Council, aims to build 1,500 new homes for the poor.

5) New Multi-Coupler Application

Renaissance Electronics is pleased to introduce our 2-3 GHz line of receiver multi-couplers. These multi-couplers have the same outstanding specifications such as low noise figures and return loss as our traditional 800, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz models ensuring that the entire system has good signal to noise ratio.

A key new market for these products will be the emerging WiMAX industry. These units allow multiple radios to be easily added to any existing cellular site.

These units are available from triple to sextuple 2, 3, 4, and 6-way configurations with various gain levels. Variable gain in the same unit is also an option.

To view the data sheet, follow this link:


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