Broadband Circulator Development
Renaissance Electronics Corporation has also developed a unique ultra-small broadband Circulator covering 8.5 to 18.0 GHz. Straddling the X- and Ku-bands this dual-band circulator is available as a drop-in unit with a 0.25" x 0.25" size. 3G8BM-1 provides a minimum of 14 dB isolation while handling 4 watts of power.


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Broadband Circulator

WiMAX Growth

Renaissance Telecom

AdS-B Avionics

WiMAX poised for Growth in 2008
Maravedis forecasting reported that WiMAX subscribers will exceed 100 million by 2014. WiMAX chipsets will start to be embedded in laptops in the second half of 2008, into handheld devices in 2009, and into consumer electronics by early 2010.    

These developments have mirrored themselves in increased international requirements for our 3G5NWM circulator
and also base station products.

The 3.3GHz to 3.8 GHz circulator supports applications  designed to employ software defined radio (SDR), beam forming, multi-in multi-out (MIMO), dynamic bandwidth allocation, and scaleable OFDMA technologies.  The base station offers service providers greater coverage, capacity, and flexibility in their mobile WiMAX deployments along with improved economics.


Ever since the concept of mobile WiMAX caught hold, its backers have viewed the 700 MHz band as an ideal setting for this application. The first major auction of the 700 MHz spectrum by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in February has opened up new prospects for WiMAX.

Equipment should be available for deployments in 2009. And, clearly, there is pent-up demand for WiMAX, notably in the wireless ISP sector.

Seizing this opportunity, Renaissance Electronics has developed and delivered the first drop-in circulators this month. The 3G2NDD and 3G2NDE are now available in production quantities.




New Staff in Sales Department

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Renaissance Telecom
The Renaissance Telecom product portfolio continues to grow with the completion of a new 4-way combiner this month. The 10A3BI-4S has four inputs with a total power handling of 100W over the 800 - 2500 MHz frequency range in a compact size of 3" X 4" X 0.75".

ADS-B Avionics

The total cost to equip commercial aircraft with Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast electronics (ADS-B) could exceed $7.4B.

Aircraft at or above Level 240 will use 1090 MHz as the ADS-B Out data link frequency. Aircraft below that altitude can use either 1090 MHz or UAT on 978 MHz. Smaller aircraft are expected to opt for UAT while airlines worldwide seem to be standardizing at 1090 MHz.

Renaissance has started development of a robust SLE series Isolator at 978 MHz this month in support of UAT applications for smaller aircraft.  

A datasheet for this new SLE model will be available next month.
With Renaissance Electronics Corporation (REC) on the threshold of spectacular growth, we are pleased to introduce the following additions to our management team.
Michael Donaghey, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Michael joins Renaissance from Enterprise Rent-A-Car where he held the position of Vice President/General Manager.  He brings 17 years of sales management experience to REC.  In his new position, Michael is responsible for directing overall business strategy for all of REC's product lines. The entire REC sales and marketing team now reports to Michael.  He can be reached at 978-772-7774 x.14 or mdonaghey@rec-usa.com.

Jeffrey L. Kraft, Manager of Switch Division
Jeffrey joins Renaissance from United Communications Group in Rockville, MD, where he was Manager of Business Development for the company's 9 business units, including its CCMI telecommunications, IT, energy, health care and government contracting divisions.  Prior to that, he was Division Manager, Northeast, for Allied Digital Technologies based in Hauppauge, NY. Jeffrey is now responsible for directing and advancing REC's switch product group.  He can be reached at 978-772-7774 x21 or jkraft@rec-usa.com.

For more information about Renaissance Electronics Corporation and our diverse product line of Ferrite Circulators / Isolators; Coaxial Switches and Switched based products; Switch Matrices and Wireless Base Station Products, please visit our website at www.rec-usa.com or call us at 978-772-7774.

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