||||                Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 10  October, 2004      ||||
||||                News from the Cutting Edge of the Wireless World!                                       
* In this Issue:

1) Condolences
2) Renaissance Continue to Exceed Past Performance
Significant Order - Year 2 Production for the new FAA Radio Network
4) RF Subsystem Product Group Growth
5) MMSR Program - State of the Art Programming at High Power

* Topics:

    1) Condolences
    It is with deep regret that Renaissance Electronics announces the passing of our friend and
    sales representative in Italy, Gianni Valerie of Nexos Electronic Systems, Rome, Italy. Gianni spent
    a number of years representing, with pride and enthusiasm, Renaissance Electronics products in Italy.
    We will miss Gianni's friendship and leadership in developing business in Italy.

    Nexos Electronics will continue representing Renaissance Electronics under the continued successful
    management of Mariella Caliari.

    2) Renaissance Continues to Exceed Past Performance
Renaissance continues, with the support of its customer base, to exceed it past performance, hitting
    new highs for both new orders and shipments. We've worked hard to provide top quality products
    for our strong customer base and pledge to continue working hard to keep up with your changing needs
    and a changing world marketplace.

    3 ) Significant Order -  Year 2 for the new FAA Radio Network
    Renaissance Electronics Switch Product Group received a significant follow-on order in support of the
    Federal Aviation Administration. Renaissance Electronics has developed a long-life electro-mechanical
    switch for use in radios utilized for ground-to-air communications. The switches supplied by
    Renaissance Electronics are guaranteed for 10,000,000 life cycles.

        Link: See our Switch Line

    4) RF Subsystem Product Group Growth
The Renaissance Electronics RF Subsystem Product Group continues its growth within the base station
    infrastructure market with its new, innovative Transmitter Combiner. This new triple 2:1 combiner is designed
    to cover the 800 and 900 MHz cellular bands and can handle up to 70 watts per channel.

         Link: See our Base Station Line


    5) MMSR Program - State of the Art Programming at High Power
    Renaissance Electronics Component Product Group of Circulators, Isolators, Attenuators and Mixers,
    was awarded a contract to develop and manufacture a high power Isolator for the MMSR Program.

    This state-of-the-art Isolator is for a new radar systems which will be used in support of homeland security
    and by our military forces overseas.

         Link: See our Ferrite Line

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