Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 4, Issue 11  November, 2005

1) Waveguide Circulators & Isolators
2) 2:1 Receiver Multi-Coupler for Cellular Applications
3) Renaissance Electronics Sees Growth in P-T-P Radio and VSAT Markets
4) Renaissance Electronics Supports NATO Forces
5) New Addition to Renaissance Electronics



1) Waveguide Circulators & Isolators

Renaissance Electronics has a complete line of high power waveguide circulators and isolators covering the frequency band 2-40 GHz in WR284 to WR28. Designs include the 3 port junction circulator, resonance isolator, and the 4 port differential phase shift circulator. The junction circulator is commonly used in compact, lightweight applications where medium peak and average power levels are used. The differential phase shift circulator is used with applications operating at extremely high peak and/or average power levels are invoiced. Water cooling circuits are available for high continuous power applications.

Renaissance acquired the P & H Laboratories and MCCI Wireless ferrite circulator/isolator product lines in 2003. These product lines provide a good base of both military and space waveguide products which can be modified for future application with the expertise of the Renaissance engineering staff.

Link: Ferrites


2) 2:1 Receiver Multi-Coupler for Cellular Applications
Renaissance Electronics has released a 1900 MHz Receiver Multi-Coupler for cellular applications to a major cellular provider.

The Receiver Multi-Coupler is a six 2:1 combiner with selectable 2 or 6 dB of gain, a low noise figure (less than 2 dB) with excellent isolation and return loss characteristics. It features a 1U height with provisions to integrate with the cell site’s alarming system. This device is optimized for cost and performance and can be easily configured to any custom requirement.

This RMC can be easily modified for 800 MHz, 1800 MHz or 2100 MHz systems. Contact the Base Station Product Group to discuss your requirements or system configuration.

Link: Base Station Products


3) Renaissance Electronics Sees Growth in P-T-P Radio and VSAT Markets

Renaissance Electronics’ component product group (circulators & isolators) have been experiencing an increased activity represented by new development projects and increased orders in the Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and VSAT market segments.

Renaissance Electronics has developed a special group of circulators and isolators using our K-series and L-series drop-in housings that provide good electrical performance in a small size and lower cost in bundles of 500 and 1,000 pieces.

Contact the Components Product Groups Sales Team to discuss your specific application or to receive data sheets on these products.

Link: Waveguides


4) Renaissance Electronics Supports NATO Forces
Renaissance Electronics was recently awarded an order from the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency to deliver Radio Frequency Transmission Switches for a joint US and NATO program. Renaissance initially qualified this part with a U.S. Government agency and has been making deliveries to the US Military.

Our Switch Product Group can support a variety of special programs including defense, industrial and space requirements.

Link: Electro-Mechanical Switches


5) New Addition to Renaissance Electronics

Renaissance is pleased to announce that Mr. Tom Daly has joined Renaissance Electronics and will be working in Sales and Marketing for our Waveguide Product Group.

Tom has a long history of successful sales and sales management in the telecommunications and wireless marketplace and his efforts will further strengthen the waveguide integrated assemblies and waveguide components product group.

Join us in welcoming him to the growing Renaissance family.


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