Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 4, Issue 7  July, 2005

1) Waveguide Product Group Develops 2 New Components
2) F18 Radar Isolator
3) Switch Matrices Development Order for Aerial Common Sensor (ACS)
4) RF Subsystem Wins New Military Power Divider Order
5) MTT-S Long Beach, California



1) Waveguide Product Group Develops 2 New Components
Renaissance Electronics has recently designed two new high power waveguide products outlined below.

A. High power absorptive filter
This new design covers 2.7 to 2.9 GHz S-Band in WR284 waveguide and is capable of handling power levels up to 1 MW Peak power and 3 KW average. It has extremely high harmonic suppression with over 55 dB attenuation in the 2nd harmonic band.

The advantage of this design over a reactive filter is that it avoids refracting the harmonic power back into the transmitter thus enhancing the lifetime of the RF Source. This design is used for air traffic control radar applications.

B. High Power Ferrite Junction Circulator
This novel design uses thin ferrite resonators to enhance the average power levels and still maintain a compact size. This design operates over 2.7 to 2.9 GHz and is capable of handling over 50 KW Peak power and 3 KW average. The design also avoids non-linear losses by suppressing the excitation of spinwaves inside the ferrite material. Typical performances for this family of circulators realize VSWR 1.15:1, isolation of 20 dB, and loss of 0.25 dB per transit.

The advantage of this design is the compact size of only 6" x 7" x 3" for high power handling. It is used in air traffic control radar systems.

Link: Waveguides


2) F18 Radar Isolator

Renaissance Electronics recently received a follow-on low rate production order from a major prime contractor to supply a unique 5-in-1 Isolator package. This special configuration provides a very small footprint but contains 5 individual isolators.

Renaissance Electronics initially developed this packaged Isolator set in late 2004 and was qualified in early 2005. The unit will be used in a new radar for the Navyís F18 E/F series.

Link: Ferrites


3) Switch Matrices Development Order for Aerial Common Sensor (ACS)
Renaissance Electronics has been chosen to develop a Narrow band UHF Switch Assembly that will be utilized in the Aerial Common Sensor (ACS) Airborne Platform Subsystem for the U.S. Army. Initial delivery of this system is expected in November 2005 for this multi-year agreement.

Link: Electro-Mechanical Switches


4) RF Subsystem Wins New Military Power Divider Order

Renaissance Electronics has been awarded a new development project by a US based defense prime contractor to design and manufacture two different models of broadband 16-way dividers. The Dividerís are part of a larger GPS System being developed by the prime. These dividers have low insertion loss, high isolation and both cover over an octave in bandwidth. There unique design yields compact size, given their number of ports. These units also display good amplitude and phase balance.

Link: Dividers


5) MTT-S Long Beach, California
Renaissance Electronics would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at this year's IMS symposium in Long Beach. Along with meeting with existing customers, The Renaissance Electronics Show Team was able to discuss several new development projects with new customers.

We look forward to seeing everyone at MTT-S San Francisco next year!


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