Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 4, Issue 9  September, 2005

1) Integrated Waveguide Assembly Win by Renaissance
2) Concentric Cells Transmitter Combiner by Renaissance
3) New USAF Program for Ferrite Group
4) Wireless Mesh Topology Switch Matrix
Ferrite Order to Help Locate Downed Pilots



1) Integrated Waveguide Assembly Win by Renaissance

Renaissance wins the first integrated waveguide assembly order. The high power assembly consists of an absorptive and reactive low pass filter, ferrite circulators, load, and coupler which will be challenging to design and manufacture. The integrated assembly will eliminate many interfaces between components which will reduce size and weight for this critical avionics package. Another advantage will allow the design to provide a broadband match to the transmitter by conjugate matching techniques between components.

Link: Waveguides


2) Concentric Cells Transmitter Combiner by Renaissance
A Renaissance Electronics transmitter combiner has been recently approved for use in a new effort by a major cellular provider in order to create concentric cells in their urban cell sites. This approval coincided with major order of these combiners.

This unit can combine four inputs carrying sixteen signals into one signal at a power level that will provide a second cell underneath the normal cell. Renaissance can offer this unit in many different configurations handling any modulation scheme or power level.

This approval shows Renaissance’s continuous effort in order to provide cellular providers with new and revolutionary units in order to help solve all of their capacity and/or coverage problems.

Link: Base Station Products


3) New USAF Program for Ferrite Group
REC receives an order from a US defense contractor to supply Isolator for a major weapons program. REC has had a teaming relationship with the prime contractor and continues to supply quality products, with on-time delivery, for the defense industry.

Link: Ferrites


4) Wireless Mesh Topology Switch Matrix
REC was awarded a follow on order for a RF Head-End Switch Matrix used in Wireless Mesh networking test environment in support of 802.11 radio deployments.

This Matrix has been enhanced to cover up to the 6 GHz range, therefore greatly increasing the customers capabilities of testing.

Link: Switches


5) Ferrite Order to Help Locate Downed Pilots
Renaissance Electronics was awarded a follow-on production order for a surface mount Isolator that is being used by an international customer building self locating beacons for downed pilots. This same customer also uses our SLE Series Isolator for animal/mammal tracking in the wild.

Renaissance Electronics ferrite products are used on a variety of applications including Defense, Industrial, Telecommunications and Space applications.

Link: SLE Series Data Sheet


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