Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 5, Issue 10  December, 2006

1) 7U Switch Matrix Project Completion
2) New Multi-Operator Combiners
3) Space Heritage Components and Subsystems
4) Community Support efforts by Renaissance Employees
5) Holiday Break at Renaissance
1) 7U Switch Matrix Project Completion
Renaissance has successfully designed and delivered a customized DC-18Ghz RF Switching Unit. This unit will direct RF and M/W frequency signals from general and special purpose test equipment to the system under test (SUT) as well as RF and M/W signals from the SUT to the test equipment. In general, the unit is used as an input/output switching matrix for RF transmitted/received signals. In addition, it provides the capability to monitor its switches operational status continuously by the ATE controller.

This matrix consists of terminated electromechanical switches, programmable attenuators, couplers, circulators and power dividers to synthesize the RF signals. The layout and choice of components were optimized to achieve lowest loss (<4 dB) and highest isolation (> 90 dB). The VSWR on all ports were better than 1.5:1. The unit is fully controlled by a GPIB interface and has a built in initialization along with a check routine. The matrix is 7U in height, 22" deep and mounts on a standard 19" rack. It weighs about 30 lbs and has telescopic rails that help in servicing the inside without dismounting from the rack.

     Link: Electro-Mechanical Switches


2) New Multi-Operator Combiners
Renaissance Electronics has developed a new multi-band cellular combiner. Through the use of multiplexers, Renaissance is able to combine many (2-4) GSM operating bands with multiple (2-6) 3G/UMTS carriers with an insertion loss of <2 dB in the GSM signals and <4 dB in the 3G/UMTS bands. Isolation for each of these ports is >55 dB.

This unit is perfect for combining multiple carriers’ signals at the same cell-site and output it to a single antenna. As the cellular market expands, these co-siting solutions will be the next wave for cellular providers.

Standard 19” rack mountable ranging from 2U-4U in height depending on number of inputs.

     Link: Combiners


3) Space Heritage Components and Subsystems
The Space and High Reliability Defense industry continues to be a significant part of the ferrite and switch product market here at Renaissance. When Renaissance acquired P&H Laboratories, a significant portion of their broad Ferrite Product line had been qualified for both Military and Commercial Space applications. P&H Laboratory’s products have been an integral part of over fifty satellite and deep-space mission payloads, many of which were in operational orbit for 8 to 10 years. Renaissance Electronics has been able to capture and retain the heritage processes and documentation systems needed to support S-Level and Hi-Rel requirements. Soldering operations and inspections of our Hi-Rel Space components are in full compliance with NASA specification NHB-5300.4 and all of our Hi-Rel assemblers and inspectors are regularly tested and re-certified.

Renaissance Ferrite Device Space Program heritage includes many well-known programs such as Echostar, Astra 1K, Globalstar, PanAmSat, Telstar-8, WildBlue, IP Star, DirectTV-7, GOES, SBIRS, TDRSS, Arabsat, Turksat, Intelsat VII/VIII, Ausat, Insat, Westar, and Intelsar VII.

To complete your deep space component search, contact Renaissance Electronics Corporation at 978.772.7774.

     Link: Ferrites


4) Community Support Efforts by Renaissance Employees
A couple of years ago, Renaissance employees worked together to create thirteen Culture Value Points for the company. These cover the way we support our customers; each other within Renaissance and our community.

During this Christmas Season, the employees of Renaissance Electronics chose to support a local charity organization, Fishes and Loaves. This organization collects food, toys and cash donations to help local families in need.

This year, Renaissance employees, along with the assistance of several key suppliers, donated an average of $110 per employee to this very worthwhile cause.

We ask our customers and suppliers to look within their home area and support similar charities.

     Link:  REC's Culture


5) Holiday Break at Renaissance!
Renaissance Electronics will be closing at 5:00 pm on Friday, December 22nd and will re-open on Tuesday, January 2, 2007.

We wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We look forward to working with each of you in 2007!!!

For more information about Renaissance Electronics Corporation and our diverse product line of Ferrite Circulators / Isolators; Coaxial Switches and Switched based products; Switch Matrices and Wireless Base Station Products. Please visit our website at or call us at 978-772-7774.

Thank You!
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