Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 5, Issue 7  August, 2006

1) Switch Product Group: 4x2 Switch Matrix
2) Ferrites: Largest RoHS Compliant Ferrite Order
3) Waveguide: Two New Ferrite High Power Isolators
4) Tactical Radio Order
5) Renaissance Introduces Promotional Corporate Video


1) Switch Product Group: 4x2 Switch Matrix
Renaissance Electronics has received a follow on order for a 4 X 2 Switch Matrix to be utilized in the production and testing of Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DROís) used in commercial and military radio communications systems.

Renaissance continues to see significant growth in it's Switch Matrix products group as it develops switching solutions in the Military and commercial sector.

     Link: 18A7NA Link


2) Ferrites: Largest RoHS Compliant Ferrite Order
Renaissance received its largest RoHS compliant Ferrite order in July from a Scandinavian based company. As we ramp up for higher RoHS component orders there are numerous issues that have been resolved. In addition to material and manufacturing issues the PCB assembly process also has to be refined to address the higher flow temperatures required by RoHS components.

A half century ago, new soldering techniques enabled the mass production of todayís electronics equipment. Today, the challenge is to keep producing a vast array of electronic devices without depending on lead solder. The alternatives, mostly based on tin, require hotter temperatures, which in turn can cause circuit boards and other components to melt or crack. Switching to tin solder not only requires new soldering gear, but also product redesign, and exhaustive testing of the finished components.

Even so, tin solder isnít still as reliable as lead. Lead solder is still permitted in devices with military and aerospace applications. Even these exceptions will be reviewed every four years and eliminated when European authorities judge that lead-free solders have become more reliable.

European Union law that limits toxic substances in electronic devices became effective on July 1, 2006.

Renaissance Electronics is continually researching manufacturing principals and methods with the goal of providing the best value to our customers and to become the world's preferred supplier in all frequency products.

     Link: Ferrites


3)  Waveguide: Two New Ferrite High Power Isolators
Two New ferrite high power isolators are currently being developed by Renaissance which will be used in new satellite communication systems. The X-Band version in WR112 covers 7.7 to 8.4 GHz at power levels up to 250 watts cw and the C-Bband version in WR137 covers 5.85 to 6.7 GHz at power levels up to 400 watts CW. The isolators have built-in couplers for monitoring forward and reverse power levels and a novel termination which avoids the use of adhesives completely and thus enhances reverse power handling characteristics. The isolator can also transition from coaxial to waveguide on the input port all within an extremely compact size.

For more information on our Waveguide products, contact Lisa Felix at

     Link:  Waveguide


4) Tactical Radio Order
Renaissance Electronics Ferrite Product Group recently received a new development order to support a former Eastern Bloc country who is upgrading their tactical radio system to conform to NATO standards. They will be going through the initial design phase and then once the system is approved, into full production. Our standard Circulator model 3A2BC was selected due to its size, performance and high reliability. A sister model, 3A2BF is approved for flight operations.

Renaissance Electronics has a long history of supporting development of low frequency, broad-band circulators and isolators. Call our ferrite product group with your individual application requirements.

     Link: Broadband Circulator Covering 225 to 400 MHz


5) Renaissance Introduces Promotional Corporate Video
Visit Renaissance Electronics web site at to see a new short introductory movie about the history of Renaissance Electronics and our commitment to our customers.

This movie highlights our product breath, commitment to quality and customer service which are trademarks of Renaissance Electronics.

     Link:  Renaissance Website

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