Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 5, Issue 9  October, 2006

1) WiMAX Circulator designs
2) Integrated Subsystems for Field Testing
3) FAA Air Traffic Control Tower Radio’s Order
4) Digital FM Radio Circulator - 3A1NBV
5) Fifteen Year Anniversary Celebration
1) WiMAX Circulator designs
Renaissance has completed two new drop-in circulator designs that will support international WiMAX applications. Samples of the 3G5NAC were shipped to an international customer this month. The 3.3GHz to 3.8 GHz device supports BreezeMAX applications that are designed to employ software defined radio (SDR), beam forming, multi-in multi-out (MIMO), dynamic bandwidth allocation, and scaleable OFDMA technologies, 4Motion with BreezeMAX as its base station offers service providers greater coverage, capacity, and flexibility in their mobile WiMAX deployments along with improved economics.

In addition Renaissance completed the design of a dual drop-in circulator for TDM applications where transmitter switching requires greater isolation. The 3E4N* provides 40 dB of isolation for full band operation at 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz.

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2) Integrated Subsystems for Field Testing
Renaissance Electronics provides fully integrated boxes for simulating cellular, WiFi and WiWax testing. These subsystems can incorporate but are not limited to isolators, filters, duplexers, programmable attenuators, LNAs, switches, and combiner/dividers. This equipment allows a fully simulated field test in a lab environment. All of these units are available in convenient 19” rack mount configurations.

These units are available in both standard and customized models allowing for the fastest deployment and implementation of networks possible.

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3) FAA Air Traffic Control Tower Radio’s Order
Renaissance Electronics Switch Product Group is pleased to announce a significant follow-on award in support of the FAA CM-300 Air Traffic Radio Project.

This new family of rack mounted transmitter and receiver systems are designed to meet the dynamic mission requirements of the air traffic control centers. Renaissance was originally chosen as a result of its unprecedented life cycle attain from our SPDT Switch of over 10,000,000 cycles. To date over 3,000 switches have been delivered in support of this project.

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4) Digital FM Radio Circulator - 3A1NBV
The AM and FM radio market is embracing new technology that will allow multiple formats on a single licensed frequency spectrum. This will encompass a primary analog signal being the main CW power signal and 2 digital signals below the analog signal. Each of these digital signals can produce up to 8 individual’s stations for listening. Further these additional digital bands will be a new revenue source for FM radio stations.

From our initial analysis and readings, the FM Radio segment has slowly started the conversion to digital radio while the topology and power concerns of the AM broadcast field make AM Radio an unlikely candidate for digital technology. Forecasts predict this market will become very active in 2008 to 2012.

Potential customers for our 3A1NBV Circulators are:

  1. FM Transmitter manufacturers in North America are using the IBOC technology. This technology has not yet been accepted in Europe but expectations are it will become the dominate technology.
  2. Manufacturers of of Transmitter to Antenna connection devices
  3. Antenna manufacturers and installers
  4. FM Radio Stations
  5. Consultants working with Corporations who own several stations and even single station operators

This is an open market for Renaissance because other circulator solutions are bulky, costly, and exhibit a high failure rate with a short life span.

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5) Fifteen Year Anniversary Celebration
Renaissance Electronics celebrated our 15th year in business on September 15th at the Devens Conference Center, MA. This event set aside time for team building and training of all Renaissance personnel, along with time for fun and celebration.

Renaissance Electronics enjoyed the company of several visitors during this event including elected MA Legislative officials, customers, and field sales team members from as far away as Canada and Arizona.

Renaissance Electronics awarded eight Plaques of Appreciation to customers who have been our customers since our beginning in 1991. This long-term relationship covering 15 years highlights Renaissance Electronics teambuilding Culture Value Point with our customers.

We would like to thank our customers, suppliers, field sales teams and employees for supporting our stability and growth. We look forward to the next 15 years.

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