Mar 15, 2016

HXI’s HHPAV-548 Power Amplifier covers the frequency range from 57 to 66 GHz. MMIC technology is employed for high reliability and repeatability. The amplifier package provides WR- 15 waveguide interfaces in an in-line configuration using the standard UG-385/U flange. The amplifier can be used in transmitters for communication and radar systems and also for amplification in […]

Mar 10, 2016

The HBUC series broadband balanced upconverters cover a wide range of waveguide bands from 26.5 -110 GHz. They utilize a low loss structure mated to a matched pair of GaAs Schottky beam lead diodes for minimum conversion loss and maximum bandwidth. Superior LO noise suppression and LO -RF isolation values are design features. Upconverters are […]

Mar 1, 2016

Looking for a medium power, drop-in, C-band isolator to protect an expensive amplifier? Renaissance’s R2K6NAW is a COTS design that handles 50W forward and 27W reverse over 5.8 – 6.725 GHz in a compact 0.62” x .375” footprint. R2K6NAW Datasheet

Feb 23, 2016

Looking for a surface mount circulator at X-band that is compact but can still handle 10W? REC’s 3SMH8NFL operates between 9.3 – 9.5 GHz with 0.6 dB loss and is a true SMT design that uses a footprint of just 0.457” x .350”. The design is highly temperature stable and can operate from -55 to […]

Feb 22, 2016

REC has developed a compact 4 x 4 Hybrid Coupler to assist in the deployment of multi-band DAS systems. It operates between 698 – 2700 MHz and has the ability to combine four distinctive inputs. The input power is 150W with low IMD measurement of -153 dBc @ 2 tone, 43 dBm. 4 x 4 […]

Feb 11, 2016

Looking for an isolator for UHF 70-centimeter radio band? REC has just released a narrowband isolator operating between 425 – 435 MHz in a compact 0.4” x 0.4” footprint. 2SLE2NCS Datasheet