The HSWM22801-351 SPDT Broadband Switch covers a wide range of applications in the 26 to 40 GHz band. The switch uses a low loss microstrip structure and a GaAs MMIC which also offers high RF power handling. Superior performance in a compact size is featured in this design. Applications include transmit/receive switching, receiver protection, integrated subsystems and general RF switching.

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Product information

Frequency (GHz) Min: 26.5 Max: 40.0
Loss Max (dB)

2.3 dB typ, 3.1 dB max (26.5 to 36.0 GHz) 3.1 dB typ, 3.9 dB max (36.0 to 40.0 GHz)

Isolation Min (dB)

30 dB min, 38 dB typ