Established in 1991, Renaissance Electronics designs and manufactures custom, high-reliability RF/microwave and MMWave components and integrated systems in the frequency range of DC to 110 GHz. The primary markets served are space, aerospace, and defense, with focused wireless telecom applications.

Quality Above All 

Following the design and manufacturing processes and procedures of AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015, Renaissance is an approved supplier to defense organizations worldwide. Our products are on most of the major platforms used for radar, missile, and communication links. The 16,000 square-foot facility located in Harvard, MA, is ITAR controlled and has secret clearance.

Renaissance Differentiation

World leader in producing mission-critical component designs. Unparalleled in SWaP play while delivering the highest reliability. Solutions that fit schedule requirements and tight budgets.

Rigorous Analysis and Testing 

TVAC/High power multipaction and corona analysis and testing. Mechanical shock and vibration, thermal shock, humidity, x-ray, DPA.

A world leader in delivering custom, innovative solutions for high-reliability applications while meeting unique technical and environmental requirements.

Our Product Line

Passive Components

  • Isolators/Circulators
  • Filters/Attenuators
  • Combiners/Dividers
  • Couplers

Active Components

  • LNAs
  • Amplifiers
  • Converters

Cryo Devices

  • Isolators/Circulators
  • Filters
  • LNAs

Switches & Switch Matrices

  • Blocking/Non-Blocking
  • N x M Custom
  • Redundancy Matrix
  • Solid State and EM Switches

Integrated Microwave Assemblies

  • Transceivers
  • Receive Protectors

Aerospace Products

Meeting requirements for space applications from LEO to Deep Space, Renaissance has a variety of custom and standard RF/microwave and mmWave components and assemblies that increase system fidelity with the highest reliability, complying with SWaP constraints.

Meeting tight schedule and budget constraints, our customers keep coming back for our custom designs that integrate with ease into their next higher assembly. Our products can be made hermetic to sustain extreme operating conditions, such as high peak and average power levels, under thermal and vacuum conditions.

Examples of Space Programs:

Blue Origin, SDA T-1, Glide, NASA Deep Space, SWFO, and more

Defense Products

First time, every time is the philosophy that Renaissance adheres to when designing products for defense applications. With the highest quality standards in design, materials, and processes, cutting-edge technology is used to produce the best designs possible.

Whether it is for radar, missile, or communication link purposes, Renaissance products can survive any stringent environmental condition while enduring the highest RF power levels.

Examples of existing platforms:

F-35, F-16, E-2D, SeWIP, Patriot, TOW, GEM-T, THAAD, PAC-3, WIN-T, Dark Horse, and more