Sep 3, 2015

The HMPA and HHPA Series of Power Amplifiers cover the frequency range from 18 – 100 GHz. A wide variety of gain and bandwidth combinations are available to provide the designer with a solution for most applications. Custom designs are available and in most cases, NRE is not required. MMIC technology is employed for high […]

Sep 2, 2015

To improve VSWR at the antenna port on a downconverter for satcom applications, REC has designed a 34 – 36 GHz microstrip isolator with low loss performance operating over -30 to +70°C temperature range. 3W9NAB Datasheet

Aug 20, 2015

For public safety & LMR/PMR applications, Renaissance has designed two circulators that covers 225 – 520 MHz with 1 dB of insertion loss and 14 dB of isolation. 3A2NGF Datasheet

Aug 4, 2015

Looking for a medium power circulator for space applications? REC has designed a 2.2 – 2.4 GHz circulator with G-S-G construction on Ports 1 & 3 and an extended SMA on port 2. The design can handle 30W forward and reverse without multipaction and corona discharge effects. 3A4NPE Datasheet

Jul 28, 2015

To protect high power L-band amplifiers Renaissance has designed a low loss, temperature stable, compact, drop-in isolator that can handle 250W CW with an insertion loss of 0.3 dB. 3G4NEVL Datasheet

Jul 21, 2015

For iDAS systems, Renaissance has developed a duplexer with integrated divider operating at the PCS band. With low insertion loss, the unit offers high isolation between output posts. 16A3BJ Datasheet

Jul 20, 2015

To support development of C-band radar sub-systems, REC has developed a 5-6 GHz 40 dB coupler with very low insertion loss and high directivity. Other coupling values are also variable in the same package size. 12A7NA-40S Datasheet

Jun 2, 2015

For weather radar and IFF applications, Renaissance has designed a high power circulator in a compact size of 1” square. Covering 978 to 1090 MHz, this design has loss of 0.5 dB and can handle up to 40 W CW at +70°C. R3G3NBVL Datasheet