Dec 15, 2016

Need a high power S-band drop-in circulator for military or commercial applications? This 1200 W (Fwd and Rev) is available with very low insertion loss and minimal phase difference. 3G4NFH Datasheet

Dec 13, 2016

For Satellite communication applications, Renaissance has designed an S-band coaxial circulator. This high power option (300 W) operates over 2.7 – 3.1 GHz, while maintaining low insertion loss and high isolation in a compact size. 3A5NAH Datasheet

Dec 13, 2016

Renaissance has designed an X-band drop-in isolator ideal for communication, satellite and radar applications. Features include a frequency range of 6.75 – 14.0 GHz, low insertion loss and a small footprint. 2H8BAK Datasheet

Dec 8, 2016

For military and commercial applications, Renaissance has designed a UHF band coaxial circulator. Available in three frequency ranges (763-805 MHz; 806-870 MHz; 896-941 MHz), these circulators have low insertion loss and operate at a power CW of 100W. 3A2NHM Datasheet

Dec 1, 2016

Renaissance’s C1-U24318 isolator is ideal for UHF radar systems that requires unit to unit phase and amplitude matching for phased array systems. Covering 40 MHz of bandwidth, the isolator exhibits low loss of 0.5 dB in a compact size of 2.25” x 2.25” x .64”. C1-U24318 Datasheet

Nov 29, 2016

Looking for a circulator to duplex antenna on a GSM repeater? Renaissance’s R3G2NEW-ROHS operates from 900 to 980 MHz with <0.3 dB loss while handling 1.5 KW CW power levels. It is designed to handle the industrial temperature range and has a compact size of 1.25” x 1.25” x .4”. R3G2NEW-ROHS Datasheet