Feb 11, 2016

Looking for an isolator for UHF 70-centimeter radio band? REC has just released a narrowband isolator operating between 425 – 435 MHz in a compact 0.4” x 0.4” footprint. 2SLE2NCS Datasheet

Feb 2, 2016

Need an integrated switch with combiner to do modulated signal testing on your new radios/amplifiers? REC’s new 10A4BV combines and then switches two RF ports with over 120 dB isolation and can handle up to 2W CW on each port. 10A4BV Datasheet

Feb 1, 2016

HXI’s HVA series broadband PIN diode attenuators cover the waveguide bands from 18 – 110 GHz. The attenuators are available for applications requiring variations in power levels using a control voltage. A 0 to + 5 V tuning range is used to control the attenuation level. This design utilizes a low loss finline structure with beam […]

Jan 28, 2016

For test and measurement applications, REC has designed a coaxial directional coupler operating between 2 and 6 GHz with 0.4 dB loss and 30 dB for coupling 12A6BA Datasheet

Jan 26, 2016

For high power Ku-band transceivers, Renaissance has developed a coaxial circulator operating between 15 – 18 GHz with 0.5 dB loss and 20 dB isolation in a compact size of 0.62” x .50” x .5”. 3A9NT Datasheet