Jan 20, 2020

Renaissance has released a new S-band 2.5 kW peak power drop-in circulator operating from 2.9 to 3.3 GHz. With insertion loss of less than 0.6 dB and with return loss and isolation over 19 dB, the circulator is ideal to duplex an antenna with HPA and a receiver. This circulator has been customized to withstand […]

Jan 16, 2020

Renaissance has designed a 20 – 22 GHz coaxial isolator ideal for SOTM communication systems. This K-band isolator is capable of enabling high data rate applications in both military and commercial sectors. 2A9BCZ Datasheet

May 22, 2018

HXI Gigalink LightSpeed ™ 6671 • Speed of Light Latency • High Performance 1.25 Gbps V-Band Radio Link • For Unlicensed Deployment (64-71 GHz) • Lowest Latency in the Industry OPTIONS • AC-DC outdoor rated powersupply • 1 foot diameter antennas • Payload: 1000 Base-SX, FC connector, special order Gigalink Lightspeed 6671 Datasheet

May 21, 2018

HXI has provided a number of customers with components in the 76 to 81 GHz range in support of the development and testing of automotive IC’s and modules. Among these components are integrated mixer/multipliers, LNA’s, power amplifiers and isolators. Both WR12 and WR-10 waveguide sizes are supported. The integrated mixer/multiplier modules exhibit the same low conversion loss as our standalone HBM12 mixers and […]

May 14, 2018

HXI’s HDA040-069 Digital Attenuator covers the range from DC to 40 GHz in 6-bit operation. Attenuation bit values are 0.5 dB (LSB), 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 dB for total attenuation of 31.5 dB above the attenuator insertion loss. Low bit errors and RMS phase errors are characteristics of this attenuator. The attenuator is useful for communication systems, radars […]

May 8, 2018

Renaissance is introducing a 420-450 MHz Integrated Circulator-Coupler-Limiter to its portfolio. This UHF-band device is used for space transceiver applications, as well as short-range consumer devices that require high isolation and low insertion loss while offering high power with limited leakage. 15B2NA Datasheet

May 3, 2018

HXI’s HMSW series of precision manual waveguide 4-port switches are available from WR-42 through WR-10 waveguide sizes (18 to 110 GHz). 3-channel rotors and eight 45 degree positions allow connection or isolation between any 2 ports. These switches provide superior insertion loss/isolation over the full frequency band and exhibit smooth and precise indexing between switch positions, making them desirable for […]