Mar 17, 2020

For use in satellite communication systems and close-range military radars, Renaissance has designed this 27 – 30 GHz drop-in isolator. This Ka-band isolator, with low insertion loss and high isolation, allows for higher bandwidth communication. 2L9NGK-ROHS Datasheet

Mar 10, 2020

For use in satellite navigation, telecom and aircraft surveillance, Renaissance has designed this L-band drop-in isolator. Operating at 1.1 – 1.6 GHz and the 1W of Power CW, this isolator has high isolation and low insertion loss in a compact footprint. 2H3BG Datasheet

Mar 9, 2020

Looking for a C-band isolator for your satellite communication, Wi-Fi application or weather radar system? Renaissance has designed a 7.1 – 8.6 GHz drop-in isolator with low insertion loss and high isolation to fit your needs. 2H7NEN Datasheet

Mar 5, 2020

Renaissance’s latest Ku-band drop-in Isolator has been designed for use in satellite communication applications, including direct broadcast satellite for satellite TV, and backhauls. This isolator has typical isolation of 20 dB and 0.5 dB loss over 13.75 – 14.5 GHz. 2L9NGTL-ROHS Datasheet

Mar 3, 2020

For space and harsh environments, Renaissance has developed a truly hermetic SPDT switch that is laser welded with fine leak rate compatible to 10-5 atm/cc/sec. The inside is filled with inert gasses to avoid any condensation at cold temperatures. RSM-2D-H-28 Datasheet

Mar 2, 2020

For terrestrial communication and satellite navigation applications, Renaissance has designed this L-band surface mount circulator. Operating at a frequency range of 1.55 – 1.65 GHz, this circulator boasts a high VSWR and a compact footprint. 3SMC3NK Datasheet

Feb 28, 2020

Looking for a compact S-band circulator for Hi-Rel application? Renaissance has designed a new 0.875” SQ drop-in circulator that operates from 1.75 to 2.11 GHz with 0.4 dB loss. The design can sustain 1600 W peak and 800 W avg. while operating from – 55 to 110°C temperature range. 3G4NFC Datasheet

Feb 25, 2020

Need an Isolator to improve the antenna match for a Point-to-Point Radio? Renaissance’s 2A9NHM covers both 32 and 38 GHz bands with low loss and 1.29:1 VSWR in a very compact size. 2A9NHM Datasheet

Feb 24, 2020

Renaissance has released a wide band, medium power, true Surface Mount Isolator that has very low insertion loss and is ideal for S-band Radar Applications. The isolator is 0.75” square and has a height of less than 0.35”. With such low profile, and a true coplanar surface mountable bottom surface, this isolator is ideal for […]

Feb 20, 2020

        Renaissance has released a new Switch Matrix that is unique in handling high power signals at lower frequencies while still maintaining the isolation to not perturb low power signals at higher frequencies. The matrix can handle up to 100W at 6 GHz and provide up to 120 dB isolation at I/I […]